Fact based consulting
to unlock your 
company's potential

Leverage fresh ideas and proven approaches with Global Direct Partners.


You dream big about your business, and we bring fresh eyes, a fact based approach, and over 25 years of experience to support those dreams.  If you want to address the financial performance, improving sales, changing marketings or improving your supply chain & services contact us today.


We use a four step approach to:

  • Discover your key numbers

  • Engage and update your plans

  • Tune your processes (or build missing ones)

  • Focus on growth and profits.

Expect to:

  • Update your sales techniques using proven methodologies

  • See improved focus on results across the business

  • Save money on manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics 

  • Implement new technologies

  • Be ready to leverage foreign markets.


Global Direct Partners uses your data and processes, and models them to build a plan for moving forward with the right people, products, partners, and technology.

Supplying services for:


Facts + Perspective = 

Potential Realized


Turnaround Specialist 


> Growth Strategies 

> Business Process Tuning

> Sales & Marketing Operations


> Technology Solutions


> Due Diligence Prep & Support


> Supply Chain Improvements 


> Global Expansion 


Robin Crossman,

CEO Origami Owl (Retired)

"I relied on Kevin as my right hand executive and we worked as a team to grow the business from less than $25 million in 2012 to over $250 million in 2013."

Mike Green, CIO

Plexus Worldwide

"I was always amazed at Kevin's ability to context switch from one complex topic to the next while developing long-term solutions. Kevin is a great executive with the strategic end game always in mind."

Alan Weingarden

Managing Partner, Maxwell Partners

"Showed time and again his mastery of sales, operations, logistics, manufacturing and technology. He is a leader with integrity and focus."