Below are a few testimonials about my work and results.  

Adding value to your business is the bottom line, not length of engagement.    

Alan Weingarden

Managing Partner, Maxwell Partners Consulting

I had the pleasure to work with Kevin Raulston at Origami Owl. Kevin was COO and as such was the go to person to get things accomplished. He is both creative and analytical. He created a project management mindset to allow major initiatives to be delivered in a company that was experiencing hyper growth. 

Kevin is able to balance getting projects done and caring about people. He has the ability to make hard work fun for his team. He showed time and again his mastery of sales, operations, logistics, manufacturing and technology. He is a leader with integrity and focus. It was a pleasure working with Kevin and I would look forward to the opportunity to do so again. 

Carlos Perez

Vice President of Business Development, Vivri International

I worked with Kevin on the international expansion of a company in a hyper-growth mode. When it comes to global expansion, Kevin is a strategic thinker with an eye for detail. His experience developing businesses at an international level and the systems that support a successful expansion kept the team aligned and focused. His keen business intellect allows him to understand unique business circumstances and immediately apply relevant frameworks and solutions to drive significant results.


Kevin has the unique ability to establish credibility quickly in difficult situations. He also has a great personal style that works well in influencing all levels of organizations. His strong analytical skills and deep business knowledge make him a great asset to any organization.

Mike Green

CIO, Plexus Worldwide

Few people have the opportunity to report to an executive who is a coach and mentor, but I did when I worked for Kevin. I was always amazed at Kevin’s ability to context switch from one complex topic to the next while developing long-term solutions. Kevin is a great executive with the strategic end game always in mind.

Tom Rascati

Executive Creative Director at Beauty Brands

I have partnered closely with Kevin on many of big initiatives. He is a fantastic leader and executive resource. He possesses a keen understanding of marketing and creative, and a determined but poised approach that gets things done.


Kevin’s broad experience allows him to navigate through all the different channels of a business, building consensus along the way. He helped architect internal processes, that improved everything from product development, marketing, creative, IT and supply chain through a period of unprecedented growth. Add to that his approachable and personable style, and you have an invaluable asset for your organization. I hope to work with Kevin again someday!

Robin Crossman

CEO, Origami Owl (Retired)

While working as the CEO at Origami Owl, I relied on Kevin as my right hand executive and we worked as a team to grow the business from less than $25 million in 2012 to over $250 million in 2013. Handling this explosive growth was a major accomplishment in every functional area, but it would not have been possible without Kevin by my side. 

Karen Bejjani, AAC

Vice President of Field Growth, CAbi

Kevin takes the needs of ownership, executive management and other stakeholders and turns them into initiatives that can be accomplished successfully in any business. He knows what it takes to run a well organized company and is a trustworthy mentor for business leaders as they effectively work to meet ever more challenging goals. Kevin listens well and uses his expertise to add value by helping leaders take effective actions. And his methodology ensures that all team members have a real chance of developing new skills as they reach to achieve the key goals—leaving the company stronger by increasing its bench strength. Kevin does exceptional work across departments, including marketing, sales, operations, IT, finance, and supply chain. 

Tanna Johnson

Vice President of Marketing and Communications, The LIMU Company

Kevin Raulston is a keen professional, with an unparalleled talent in leveraging technology to simplify and improve operations from cumbersome and unnecessarily labor intensive to high performing and efficient. A proactive communicator he is observant and swift when it comes to leading a team while meeting aggressive deadlines. His experience and background have provided him a solid foundation from which he continues to build. Michael Dell once said “if you’re the smartest person in the room it’s time to find new friends”. Well, I don’t know about you, but Kevin is someone I certainly enjoy learning from.

Bobbie Wasserman

Managing Director, Wave2Alliances

Kevin understands how to successfully apply technology to further marketing, and strategic partnership initiatives; key to achieving business objectives in today’s digital world.

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