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Taking Smart Risks is Lean

Lean wins fans daily in the business and health world. Neither too thin, nor bloated is working for us today.

In business, the "Lean" movement was really kickstarted by Eric Ries, author of The Lean StartUp and Entreprenuer in Residence at Harvard Business School.

When most people think about lean in business, they focus on lowering the cost of doing business and shrinking budgets. That is not what the Lean Movement is about at all.

Lean is about building a strong business by taking smart risks and tracking their activity levels with meaningful measurements. It is about moving beyond the traditional measurements of Revenue, Operating Expenses, Return on Invested Capital, etc. These are meant to measure financial results. They are good for looking backwards, but have limited value when focusing on the future.

Lean measurements are focused on getting to the "why" of the results. A rising revenue number makes us all happy. But is the revenue increase based upon activities and products driving your business engine? Are you measuring the metrics you need to understand what is moving your business forward, or backwards? If not, start doing that today. It can make all the difference in building a lean, strong, sustainable business.

"The only way to win is to learn faster than everyone else." -- Eric Ries

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