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How Positive Exploration Broadens Life

Exploration is one of the foundational blessings of being alive. The ability to seek out knowledge, experiences, places, and people allows each of us a path to feel the forward momentum of a life well lived.

Every single time we venture forward and explore a new place, we permanently have in our mind new images, smells and learnings. You cannot go to one of the world's great cities be it Hong Kong, London, New York, San Francisco, etc. and not feel like you have added significantly to your life's experiences. Alternatively, nature can be a refuge of physical exploration, that provides a wonderful place to organize your thoughts and review your priorities. There are many paths available for exploration.

I know we cannot travel physically to a great outdoor location or a new city every day, sometimes our explorations will be done by seeking out a new restaurant in our city and posting out experiences on Yelp. Another day we will research new medical procedures online when we learn of a loved one's illness and hope to understand it better.

Consider, "Purposeful Exploration" in your life as you look forward. Think about all the cool things you can learn and experience, and how these can even serve to remake your life to be what you want of it. Last week I heard about a successful immigrant who moved to the US without being able to speak English. He lived with a relative in a small apartment and soon virtually took up residence in the library--he didn't yet know that he could take books home. He focused on learning English and he then learned how to fix cars, strictly from books. He explored the manuals daily and created a new world for himself and his family. He now owns his own repair shop and his children were able to attend university.

That is a powerful example of purposeful exploration. Where are your explorations taking you? I'd love to hear.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained." --Ben Franklin

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