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3 Ways to Make Good Choices

Choice is something you control, yet considering too many options can stop us in our tracks.

We have all heard obervations from others about poor decision making. Two classics are the saying "Not making a decision, is a decision" and "Can't see the forest for the trees." The first leads to indecision and the second leads to having so many choices that you cannot see the correct course of action. These statements are popular because they are so very true, but also know they completely unhelpful.

Want to make great choices? Try these three quick tips:

1) "Look at the facts". If you have been holding off making a decision for a while and there is something holding you back, then stop make sure you have the key data to make the decision. Then you canr eview the options you have and the goal of your choice. Ask: "Does it align with your values, your career and family goals?" Even for very tough choices, looking at the facts can help solidify your resolve to make a good choice.

2) "Understand the opportunities and risks." No one is an expert on everything. So when you make a decision, lean towards your strengths and what you really understand well in making the decision. You will never know all of the risks and fact available to you. Understand your blind spots and then prepare to move forward.

3) "Own your decisions". We've been out with friends and someone asks the group for their thoughts on a decision they are facing. Opinions are gathered, yet the person still doesn't make a decision. Later, they ask another person because during their first weighing of the options with friends, etc. no one told them what they wanted to hear. Well it's your decision, so make it and own it. If you ask around until someone agrees with you, then you are less likely to own your choice and many not take the actions needed with enough resolve to allow the decision to succeed.

So, what decision are you waiting on right now? I'll bet you have at least three weighing on you. Make the decisions and then focus on making them work.

"The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn." -- David Russell

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